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Marta Singh

Born and raised in Argentina, Marta committed to the art of traditional storytelling in Canada, where she has lived since 1999. Since 2005 she has featured annually at the Ottawa StoryTeller’s Fourth Stage Series at the National Arts Centre, including the 12-hour ensemble performances of The Odyssey (2012) and The Iliad (2014). As a solo artist, Marta has performed at all major storytelling festivals in Canada, as well as in schools, universities, arts and literary festivals in Canada, Mexico and Argentina (2005–2020). Her shows weave brave pieces of memoir with Argentina’s public past. Landscapes of Silence (2011), her first project funded by the City of Ottawa, was produced, directed and toured by Two Women Productions. Marta is committed to capacity building and skill sharing in her local arts, medical and educational community. Known for striving for excellence while pushing the boundaries of her art, she is a teller to watch: her performances leave audiences spellbound.


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Landscapes of Silence

avec Marta Singh Ce spectacle est présenté en anglais. Marta Singh started school the year […]