The Geography Teacher’s Orders

Maison des arts de la parole
138, rue Wellington nord, 2e étage, Sherbrooke

en anglais / in english

It is 1983, in Argentina. The last military dictatorship has fallen. The ex-commanders of the junta are to be tried and convicted for crimes against humanity. The headlines herald “The End of Fear.” Meanwhile, against all speculations, the geography teacher of a private English-speaking school is not replaced with the advent of democracy. Her reign by terror is legend. Under her methods, students turn against each other. Yet, against all odds and from the unlikeliest of sources, this class will earn the power to image the unthinkable.

In Grade 10, the star student’s weakness – her inability to form and connect thoughts – is exposed and shamed. The star student shuts down. What she sees and hears in the next two years will bear a gift. But this gift will only open in time, in another language, under a different name, upon a different land. In Grade 11, the kid at the last desk of the last row ceases to be invisible. The day he stands without being asked, he speaks John Donne. His eloquence shifts the balance of power. Stunned by the epiphany that language and poetry are more than subjects to be aced – that they can be lived – the class watches in awe how, as they are lived, the last desk of the last row casts a spell as powerful as the geography teacher’s orders. In Grade 12, the kid whose stammering earned him his nickname, has not found the means to cope – the geography teacher’s ways still reduce him to sobs. Unlike most, he has never turned against a classmate. In the wholeness of his eye, there are no others. The day he faces his crossroad, his integrity burns so bright, that like a flame of honor, it rekindles the fire of “Divided, we fall; united, we stand.”

15$ adulte | 10$ étudiant
15$ adult | 10$ student

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