Par Stéphanie Ratovonarivo

It was so refreshing. That little woman who came in front of us, she seemed shy at the beginning and the moment her mouth opened, it was pure magic. Her words permeated the audience, her energy too. Mariella Bertelli is lovely and so are her stories.

I always imagined  the Decameron as a collection of tragic stories, and so was well surprised when I heard Mariella telling love stories, family affairs,  with humourous twists and turns, delivered with such lightness, but which still left you wondering a lot about the customs of that long ago time…

Her interpretation brings the characters alive; she seems as passionate as the teenagers in her story.

We laughed a lot and sympathized with the different characters. None of them were particularly good, none were really so bad, but all of them were worthy.

What was amazing too is how she mixes old Italian language within the narration. I even felt bilingual for one hour. It was done so skillfully that we didn’t even need a translation.

Mariella Bertelli is a generous person and probably one of the most generous storytellers I’ve ever met. After her performance, she stayed a long time to exchange with the public, to discuss the stories and to debate with the other storytellers.

A great night in good company.