Textes par Lynda Bruce et Sylvie Proulx

Last evening, we enjoyed a bilingual storytelling event with Louise Profeit-Leblanc and Jeanne Ferron. A 5 @ 7 at Beat & Betterave, a vibrant cultural café in the village of Frelighsburg.

Louise Profeit-Leblanc is a keeper of stories. Raised in the Nacho Nyak Dun First Nation in Northern Yukon, she comes from a long line of storytellers. As children, she and her siblings would cuddle in the warmth of their Grandmother’s bed and listen to her stories. Later, Louise would learn the craft of storytelling from her Auntie, Angela Taylor, and for 15 years she would collect and transcribe First Nation stories from the Yukon area.

Louise beat her drum, round like the earth, round like Mother, and sang to us a healing song. Then, she told us three stories. First, from the not so distant past, a family story which gave us a glimpse of how their world  changed forever  when it came into contact with the white man…how the innocent gift of a pair of navy blue shoes would disrupt their traditional ways and create envy.  The other two stories were on a more magical plane: an ancient healing tale about the death of a boy and the mother who lovingly sang  his bones back to life to make him whole again; and finally, a creation tale about the Sun King’s daughter, a luminous being who came to earth and married a human. Louise left us with the suggestion that there may be some among us who are descended from this ancient couple…look and maybe you will see the light.


Jeanne, Oh ma chère Jeanne! Une artiste qui touche profondément son publique.

Hier soir, elle nous a présenté ‘’ Le chat noir’’ d’Edgar Allan Poe, traduit par Charles Baudelaire.

Elle amène sur scène un personnage. Tout au long de l’histoire, c’est ce personnage qui raconte. Wow! quel beau personnage qui nous raconte son ascension vers la folie…de l’amour des animaux, en particulier d’un chat noir, jusqu’à la haine. En passant par la jalousie.

Elle ajoute à tout cela un PETIT problème d’alcool…Et nous raconte une histoire qui devient horrible…Et on en rigole.

Jeanne a ces forces…Nous toucher…Nous faire rire. Fantastique!